To design the container that this text is in,
copy the following CSS code and adjust the
coding to your own parameters. (remove the
"break" code (if present))!!

*#your location {
     position: absolute;
     margin: 100px 0px 0px 350px;
     padding: 75px 0px 0px 160px;
     border-top: 6px ridge #ffcc33;
     border-right: 6px ridge #66cc66;
     border-bottom: 6px ridge #bbb;
     border-left: 6px ridge #000099;
     border-radius: 375px 375px;
     width: 450px;
     height: 525px;
     background: url(../your-directory/your-image.???);
     color: #000;

NOTE: This CSS code does NOT work with Windows IE v6 to v8 browsers!!
However, works with Windows IE v9