About auto dealers

Rules of Acquisition when dealing with auto sales people and pre–owned vehicles::

Rule #1:  Caveat Emptor!! (Let the buyer beware!!)

Rule #2:  Never buy on faith or trust alone, some auto sales people are not
always straight forward or truly honest!

Rule #3:  Auto dealers will do a safety check of the vehicle, but NOT the
item(s) in Rule #4.

Rule #4:  Always check the general mechanical condition and also the
radio, cd player, air conditioning, heater and any other electronic items the
vehicle might have.

Rule #5:  When negotiating prices and costs, etc., the sales person will
always “run” to the manager for approval — remain firm with your request —
if the request is denied, get up and start to leave . . . . you might be surprised
at the results — (favorable or unfavorable) .

Rule #6:  Ask the salesperson about recalls on your intended purchase,
then search Google for any and all recalls on the year, make and model of
your intended auto purchase, just to make sure.

Rule #7:  Check, double check and check again the sales contract to make
sure that all of the numbers match what YOU have negotiated and agreed

Rule #8:  BEFORE signing the sales contract and you are paying the balance in
, make sure that they do not charge you the “Documentation Fee”, this
can be a hefty sum — I have bought several vehicles and negotiated the
“Documentation Fee” to ∅ (Zero) dollars.

Rule #9:   Above all, «——» TAKE  YOUR  TIME !!

As time goes on, I will try to add snippets to this page in the hope that I can help someone, but be assured that I will never buy another Chrysler, Dodge or Ford!!